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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 3, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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martha: here is something i bet you didn't know. the first text message was sent 20 years ago today. it happened in 1992 in the state and it read merry christmas. we will see you tomorrow. jon: brand-new breaking news. jenna: back to the consulate in libya. or some lawmakers say we were not prepared to face the danger there. also, north korea preparing to ignore heavy fire a long-range missile. apply now? and who is the audience for this test? we will have that coming up. and this man is the main suspect
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of the women in alaska. he was just found dead in his jail cell. my police say he could be with links to at least seven more murders. it is all "happening now." jenna: hello, everybody. i hope your monday is off to a good start. jon: i am jon scott. there is more to tell you about our attack on the consulate in libya. we have more information as to what the americans that died went through, and the house intelligence committees as we knew about this and had a time. but we were not ready to deal with it. >> the intelligence was good. it was very clear. what i find was absolute gross negligence, they did not take the right precautions to protect
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the ambassador. jon: u.n. ambassador susan rice has been under fire for weeks for her public response to the attack. the ambassador calling it spontaneous and not linking it to terrorism in and several television interviews. however, dianne feinstein is coming to the ambassador's defense, saying that the talking points she was given were wrong. >> i do not believe the intelligence communities should prepare these talking points. i think additionally somebody should have picked up the phone and called and said, tell me the story, what happened. jon: congressman rogers is not convinced. he suggests that someone in the obama administration simply try to change the story. >> it really is beyond the talking points and susan rice. it was a political narrative designed not around what the intelligence said, but what about the best politics were for them. jon: joining us now to help break this down is bret baier.
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the interesting thing in one of those sound like i'm jim -- the interesting thing in one of those sound bites is what she should have talked about on morning television. reporter: yes, senator rogers and senator feinstein both pointed to this. they were looking for western targets and they were looking to strike out. there were a number of different incidents and indications that that was going to happen, including cables sent by ambassador chris stevens himself. the security was deteriorating by the day. one that we know was just hours before he was murdered on
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september 11. chairman rogers is saying that the talking points that ambassador rice went beyond the talking points. and that is exactly what senator ayotte is also saying. kelly ayotte, the republican from new hampshire. what we know is that ambassador rice saw the presidential daily briefing. the classified intelligence. that had the very detailed, classified information about the al qaeda linked group al sharia. the fact that they thought that this was planned from the very beginning to be a terrorist attack when they put that up the chain within the first few hours. but there wasn't a spontaneous demonstration. a lot of people say that this story is dissolving a roaring away. if ambassador rice is nominated
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to the secretary of state position, this will be a big talking moment during those hearings. jon: we heard the president many times saying that osama bin laden was dead. they carried out attack killed the first american ambassador in 30 years. that leaves talk on the question as to the stories that they were putting on morning shows. reporter: sure. ambassador rice has admitted she chose the wrong words. twice in those five sunday shows, she said that al qaeda was decimated. now, she was not referring to the classified version of the
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story that she saw combo in which 80 al qaeda linked group, al sharia, was linked to killing the ambassador in libya on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. and also three others. you are right. that is the charge from republicans. it is an effort to craft how this looks. especially around the narrative that osama bin laden was dead and that they had killed many leaders with a drone program that members on both sides of the aisle said it affected the. jon: also, an ambassador that was pleading for more security and protection at that compound location in benghazi. mike rogers, the intelligence chairman on the house side, he said that what i find absolutely gross negligence -- gross negligence is that they did not take the right precautions. meaning that the state department or the administration
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did not give the ambassador that kind of protection that he apparently was looking for. reporter: yes, you have the whistleblowers to testify on capitol hill. we talked to them as well. it is a three act tragedy. you have the security that was not there before them. you have the response during seven-hour firefight. and many of the questions about how it was characterized afterwards. there are many questions about benghazi that have yet to be fully answered. these hearings and the continued focus on capitol hill, i think it is going to stay in the forefront, at least it will continue to cover it. if ambassador rice is nominated, i guarantee you that it will still get coverage elsewhere as well. jon: i'm sure you'll be talking about it tonight.
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bret baier will talk about it on a special report 6:00 o'clock eastern on fox news channel. jenna: lawmakers have something in common. both parties taking to the airwaves this weekend, trying to blame each other over the fiscal cliff talk. this is all happening less than a month until accommodation of spending cuts and tax hikes kicks in. right now, it seems like both sides are moving further apart from the deal. here is house speaker john boehner and treasury secretary timothy geithner. >> we are flabbergasted. we have seven weeks between election day in the end of the year. three of those weeks have been wasted. >> we are not going to extend an extension of the tax rates. we think they need to go back to those levels. if you don't do that, you have to ask yourself, whose taxes are we going to raise? were we going to find the money bring a balanced plan in place? jenna: senator lindsey graham, a republican known for reaching across the aisle, not looking at
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this with a great deal of optimism. >> i think we're going over the fiscal cliff. it's pretty clear that they have made this happen. they are not saving social security and medicare and medicaid from imminent bankruptcy. jenna: james is live in washington with more. reporter: yes, what is clear is increasingly, the two sides -- the obama, white house, senate democrats on one side, senate republicans on the other, there is a ticking clock involved here. they should be hitting their stride right about now. timothy geithner is trying to avoid plunging of the fiscal cliff. he has made clear that the obama administration is saying that the first order of business has to be to extend tax breaks for
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middle-class families and raise tax rates for the top 2% of income earners. talks over how to rein in entitlement spending should be held sometime next year. >> the president is asking for $1.6 trillion of new revenue over 10 years. twice as much as he has been asking for the public. his stimulus spending exceeded the amount of new cuts that he was willing to consider. it was not a serious offer. reporter: enter a new player in the talks, stephanie cutter. you remember her? she was the deputy campaign manager for the obama-biden ticket suggested that mitt romney might have committed a felony on his tax returns. sunday night, she e-mailed them to reach a fiscal deal. republicans have balked at raising those tax rates. they are identified by marcus at countries job creators. >> for the first time in two
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decades, they are there will tell revenues go up as part is the plan. but they have to tell us what they're willing to do with revenues. it's definitely very hard for republicans. reporter: earlier you saw the meeting of four congressional leaders on november 16 at the white house. at that time, harry reid spoke of a follow-up session was to be held next week. that never helped happened and the clock ticks on. jenna: we have that clock right on our screen. just in case you forgot. jon: get ready for the baby. just into fox news, prince william and his wife, the former kate middleton, they are expecting. standing in a grocery line, looking at the tabloids, and one of them said she is pregnant. they may be onto something be
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till they beat the palace on this one. jon: here is the very official reading from the clarence house. it reads that the royal highness the duchess of cameras are very pleased to announce that the duchess of cambridge is expecting a baby. jenna: so that's exciting. now we get to guess whether it is a boy or girl or prince or princess. she is a duchess. jon: that's right, she is a duchess and he is a duke for now. good news for. jenna: congratulations to them. other news around the world is getting attention. north korea is vowing to defy the world as they prepare to test range a long-range missile. we are going to look at what could be their motivation
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so don't wait. if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call today. ♪ jenna: right now investigators say they are trying to figure out what prompted jovan belcher to murder his girlfriend before taking his own life. police say that jovan belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, kasandra perkins, on sunday morning before heading to the chiefs stadium where he killed himself in front of his head coach and others.
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the chiefs have any moment of silence before their game yesterday to remember all the victims of domestic violence. not specifically naming jovan belcher, but certainly a lot of questions. steve brown has more in chicago with this. we heard a little bit of the 911 call before the break. how do those final moments play out at arrowhead stadium earlier on saturday morning? reporter: yes, let's put that into context. kasandra perkins was shot numerous times and fatally wounded by the father of their child. that is jovan belcher, who drove to arrowhead stadium, essentially to talk to two people. that would be head coach and general manager. neither of those two gentlemen have commented on how those final seconds played out. but police officer that was watching did watch those fateful seconds unfold. >> we have two coaches and one other employee here.
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[inaudible] reporter: in terms of a motive for the shooting, reportedly there was a moment country and argument about kasandra perkins's labor turn from a concert. jenna: in the meantime, what happens with the 3-month-old daughter, little zoey? reporter: in the meantime, family from austin, texas, are helping take care of her. his teammates also decided to set up a fund for zoey. >> we just want her to understand at one point in time, she will probably ask questions. we want to understand how much
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he is loved. you know, not reflect upon this negatively. hopefully she can try to find some peace with that. reporter: there is an announcement today about the fund. we will keep you updated on what will happen with her young life be to think you. jon: dangerous weather in northern california. three days of nonstop rain will impact areas already prone to flooding and mudslides. plus, a couple lucky to be alive after a 100-foot tree smashes their car. police say the weather may have had nothing to do with this
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jon: prince william and kate middleton are officially pregnant. reporter: yes, the rumors have been swirling. they have decided that there has been no official confirmation, but all of the talk had been about kate middleton's new hairstyle the last couple of days. but the palace was rather forced to announce the pregnancy. she has a cute morning sickness, hypermedia scribe. last week, we seem the duchess of cambridge out and about on several very public engagements.
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she also visited the city of cambridge, after which their title comes from looking very glowing and happy. no signs that she was suffering, she must've been doing. very early stages of the pregnancy. we don't know if it will be a boy or girl, but either way, that child will be next in line for the throne after prince william. >> it sounds like a spell from a harry potter movie. jenna: what you women have to put up with. hats off to you. north korea and defiance of a u.n. ban. new reports from south korea say that the first part of this rocker is ardea place. the alleged test, it is seen by south korea as an influence of
8:25 am
elections there. and testing ballistic missile technology that could be used to carry more nuclear weapons. 30,000 american troops are stationed there. japan is preparing for the launch as well, they are deploying service air missiles to shoot down anything that may enter its airspace. joining me now is gordon chang. you say that if this is all true, north korea has a very specific audience. who and why? >> the specific audience would be iran.e. who and why? >> the specific audience would be iran. north korea and iran have been conducting a joint missile development program for at least 15 years. in the beginning of september, they signed a technical cooperation agreement, just yesterday, the kyoto news agency reported that a facility close to the chinese border, they are
8:26 am
there for nuclear weapons and missile purposes. we need to keep an eye on north korea's relationship with iran. jenna: not only because it is a weapon, but because it can carry a nuclear warhead -- do i have that right? can you explain it to her audience? reporter: sure. north korea has these weapons. but her rants iran is on the verge of getting them as well. they have had warhead testing, which looks like it is pretty well developed. it has a lot of uranium, which it is close enough for having a warhead. the only thing that is really missing is a working long-range missile. that they are trying to get from north korea. i think that the iranians have pretty much told north koreans that they want to see this thing launched to see if it will work. because that is the one thing that they need interbrand to make themselves a real threat. jenna: because that makes it possible for them to hit other
8:27 am
targets beyond their immediate region. if this indeed takes place, it would be considered a highly provocative act that threatens peace and security in the region. that is what we are seeing now. what would be a response? an appropriate response? is north korea attempt another attack? reporter: the appropriate response would be the sanctions that we have now. we also need to talk to the chinese. because the chinese have sold the north koreans missiles. we know that they have sold them the launchers for the muscles. mobile launchers. this makes north korea a real threat. to put this into perspective, secretary gates in 2001 said that north korea, within five years would have a missile that would be able to start the continental united states. this is not just a regional issue. this is an issue that affects us. jenna: well put. gordon, thank you for coming on the show. according to the calendar, the
8:28 am
window for this test would be in the next week or so starting next week. we will have you back as we continue to watch the story. thank you so much. jon: let's hope that that rocket fizzles. new numbers out showing some big improvement for the auto industry. how hurricane sandy might've helped the car business. that's coming up next. and that new information on a murder suspect found dead in an alaska jail cell. why police say this man, who once tried to escape from courtroom, may be linked to a least seven other killings. [inaudible] but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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jon: a fox news weather alert for you now. three back-to-back storms lashing parts of northern california this weekend creating quite a mess. in redwood city a huge tree completely knocks down a power line near one family's home. utility crews say this is why tens of thousands of people remain in the dark there. but the storm also producing a welcome sight. lots of snowy forecasters say actually helped contain many of the areas rising rivers. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox news weather center. >> jon, good to see you. that's right we saw a lot of heavy snow among higher elevations across portions of oregon, over a foot of snow recorded and a lot of
8:33 am
heavy rain. some spots picked up to 15 inches of rain across northern california. unfortunately we deal with mudslides and widespread flooding in california, oregon even into washington. fortunately we have relatively quiet weather through parts of california and portions of seattle. showers across the portions of the pacific northwest. as we head into tomorrow and wednesday we have a new storm system that will be arriving producing a lot of heavy rain, three to six inches. the ground is saturated from the last series of storm systems. this could pose big issues across the areas already hit very hard with all this rain. look at the future radar as we head into tuesday and wednesday more rain. basically the northern parts of the rockies we have snowfall. we'll see snowfall across portions of the west coast but even into the northern rockies. dealing with more moisture across portions of west coast even though we dealt with a number of storm systems. jon, very quickly another big story how incredibly warm it has been across the
8:34 am
center of the country. 70 degrees for high temperatures in kansas city and 80 in the city of dallas. jon: wow. >> possibly record-setting temperatures. jon: december surprise. maria molina thank you. >> thanks. jenna: you might expect this next story to be weather-related but investigators in oregon say they have no idea why this massive tree suddenly snapped off its base and trapped two people inside this car. investigators say there were no reports of strong wind gust as the time and both survivors are really lucky. >> they must have had a bright light shining down on them, if you look at passenger comparment, the especially the driver's comparment, there is space of two loafs of bread. how the husband survived is remarkable. jenna: wow! the couple was taken to the hospital as a precaution but incredibly both are expected to be okay. jon: wow! right now a political battle raging on capitol hill where lawmakers have less than a month to reach a deal to avert the fiscal cliff.
8:35 am
both sides seem to be digging in for a fight. the white house saying it will not agree to a deal without raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. the gop says they want to see changes made to medicare, medicaid and social security. here is republican senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> i was disappointed by the president's proposal. i think it is essentially a rerun of his budget proposal. i mean the revenue proposals are $1.6 trillion in revenue and tax increases. it is a massive tax increase but also, also not significant and meaningsful entitlement reforms. jon: a piece today in the "wall street journal" says more is at stake than just the fiscal cliff. quote, democratic lawmakers and party strategists say the success of his second term could ride on how this early battle unfolds. if mr. obama can cement a bipartisan deal to his liking many believe his approach to the negotiations could serve as template for tackling major issues that could play out over the next
8:36 am
four years. yet for many other democrats, especially those in the party's liberal wing, any sense he capitulated could signal he can be rolled by republicans. let's get into a fair and balanced debate. matt sclhapp worked for president george w. bush. and debbie dingell, vice-chair of al gore's campaign in michigan in 2000. debbie, let's start with you. john boehner, speaker of the house, came out the day after the election and said okay we'll put revenues on the table. we will raise taxes but want to do it by limiting deductions. we don't want to raise rates. no real response on that from the president's team. isn't that kind of an olive branch? >> look, i think that democrats and republicans at a senior level understand we can knot go over the fiscal cliff. i think there's a lot of positioning, a lot of posturing. quite frankly sunday talk shows may have even made me
8:37 am
a little edgy but as a watcher of washington for a long time we have got leaders that though we can't go over the fiscal cliff and they have to get in a room and start talking. jon: as a watcher of washington, debbie, you've been telling spouses of medical members of congress, don't buy a turkey for instance. >> well, they can buy a ushg it can i but i warned them for weeks do not expect to see your spouses until christmas. i am one who think they will work between christmas and new year's. they do understand how serious this is. that's what they're elect to do, govern, e. jon: matt, what i've seen own sunday shows both sides are hardening. >> i worked for a president who faced challenges when he went into his re-election with hurricane katrina. what can happen at beginning of second term, we saw this with ronald reagan, we've seen it with so many presidents, their second terms seem to be a little bit of disappointment, don't
8:38 am
live up to what they accomplish in the first term. one of the problems with president obama he rolled out of this election thinking he won the election, he can can set the terms of conversation. he needs to remember the republicans control the house of representatives. they understand their political fate is tied to working with the president and being bipartisan. there are certain things they >> first of all, let me say that republicans and democrats have to stop drawing lines in the sand. they have to get in a room and talk to each other. we'll have to make difficult
8:39 am
decisions. we have to increase revenue and we have to reduce government spending. those are both facts. that means the lines in the sand both sides are drawing are going to have to stop being drawn and we'll have to reach consensus. the president put forward a proposal he believes will work. republicans need to put forward their proposal. let's start talking instead of drawing lines in the sand. jon: you found irony the fact that michael geithner, the treasury secretary has been sent to be the emissary on all this. >> tim geithner. jon: i'm sorry. >> point man for raising, taxes on the american people. i mean he has put a nonserious person who ready to exit the administration in charge of these talks. i think that is mistake. my advice, and i don't think the president listens to me that often, that he put a grown-up in charge of the negotiations. he needs to take control or needs to ask hillary clinton, leave the state department where she has done the job and take the lead on this. he needs to quickly get
8:40 am
serious because here's the problem, jon. everybody day that goes by people are getting more and more concerned we'll raise taxes half a trillion dollars next year, there is more and more money on the sidelines in this economy. which means there are even more jobs that won't get created. that means economic growth will even decrease more. so, the president's got to wake up an realize he owns this economy. it is not in his political benefit to do this brinkmanship. jon: debbie, my understanding that the most to everybody agrees that the big drivers of government spending are entitlement programs like social security and medicare and medicaid. why not talk about reducing the expenditures there somehow? >> i want to say several things. one of the things got to do stop taking cheap shots. the secretary of treasury is one of the most serious people in this government. has the trust of the president and that is who the president is sending in here. let's stop taking these cheap shots. that is the kind of stuff we have to stop doing. you are right, this uncertainty is hurting the economy and putting money on the sideline, why we have to
8:41 am
solve it. we need to walk into a room and put everything on the table. social security and medicare are commitment we made to our senior citizens. we have meet those commitments but look how can we fine tune them. are there changes that don't break a contract? everything needs to be on the table and that includes raising taxes on those that are the most wealthy in this country. jon: all right. we're going to see where this goes. over the fiscal cliff or not. matt schlapp, debbie dingell. thank you both. jenna: dramatic new details about accused murderer found dead in his jail sill. they say israel keyes is not only suspected in the killing of aning anchorage teen we talked about on this program but also may be linked to seven other murders across the country. rick leventhal is live in new york city with more, rick? >> reporter: family members of keyes's victims say this is best thing that could happen, serial killer spares himself and sparing trials and delays in punishment.
8:42 am
israel keyes is being held in jail cell in anchorage, alaska, facing trial for the murder of a 18-year-old girl abducted from a coffee kiosk. they believe samantha koenig was killed and her body found in ice covered lake. keyes used her atm card in several states before being caught in texas and tried to escape during trial. [shouting] >> back up. >> get him back. >> reporter: tough to hear that was obviously audio from the courtroom. keyes was alone in his is cell when he was found dead. authorities wouldn't say how he ended his life. he gave very little information about these alleged other murders. he claimed responsibility for at least four other murders in washington state and the other in new york but few details. he confessed to killing a couple in vermont, bill and
8:43 am
lorraine currier, from essex. their bodies were never found. they found signs of forced entry and struggle and their car was stolen. keyes says their killings was a random act. they may never know the extent of his crimes and victims may never truly know why their loved ones were lost. jenna: rick leventhal, thank you. jon: strange story there. new concerns that the internet may be about to change in a big way. why the united nations could soon impose new rules and why some folks are worried about censorship and a potentials logs of privacy online. plus cinnabon, i'm hungry now, if you ever have one you know is sunfully they are but who big this pastry into a big, big business. we'll talk to a woman who shares a big part of the sweet success story. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
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jenna: when we tell you the u.n. is gathering in dubai
8:47 am
for a 11-day conference you might think what does this have to do with me? well it turns out a lot. this meeting could bring big changes the way you use the internet. some of those changes, potentially, those changes are raising concerns about censorship and security. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more from washington. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. the itu, or international telecommunications union is a body within the u.n. that was set up to regulate communications more than a century ago and conference that begins today is reviewing these rules established long before the internet became a primary mode of communications and critics say these changes made by the u.n. body could impact every-day communications. >> this would affect actually every cell phone, tablet and personal computer in the world because pretty much every chip in all those types of consumer devices have an ip address associated with them and therefore there are proposals that the itu that
8:48 am
there be registry for each of those computer chips. >> reporter: the u.s. position has been no expansion of the itu or the united nations jurisdiction over the init internet period. the use is in support of the web neutrality but the conference in dubai raises a specter of nations including iran, china, russia and others agreeing to live under the u.n. rules, what critics call restrictions. while the u.n. --. pardon me. while the u.n. maintains this is not about controlling the u.n. the critics say it is part of a red drip, drip regulation that will chip away internet freedom. >> even if internet freedom escapes this conference in dubai, this is just a stepping steen from countries like china, russia and other arab states they have been patient for the last 10 years and several years going forward they
8:49 am
will continue to be persistent. >> reporter: the u.s. has a sizable delegation in dubai, about 1650 people. in simple terms they want internet regulation off the table and want the u.n. body to stick to networks already regulated so the telecommunications networks, phone networks but just leave the internet neutral if that is at all possible, jenna. jenna: we'll see what comes out of this conference. catherine, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jon: imagine having a direct line of communication with the pope? it is possible now. we'll tell you how, if you're interested. plus, hurricane sandy, a nightmare for most sectors of the economy. but as you can imagine it had the opposite effect on the auto industry ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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jenna: right now some potentially good news on the economic front as several of
8:53 am
the nation's top automakers posted strong gains for the month of november. analysts say it is likely part of the gains are due to what we saw with hurricane sandy and so many cars being ruined. ford, gm, chrysler all posting gains in sales. is this a trend that is going to land? gene jennings, president, editor-in-chief of "automobile" magazine and you're a good person to talk to about this, jean? is this one-off, one month of november, maybe december affected by hurricane sandy or is there something else going on in car sales? >> i don't think this is a real short term. i think this will go on for a couple of months anyway as long as the economy holds. right now obviously hurricane sandy had some effect, like a quarter or so million cars were taken out but the estimate of cars that were purchased, mostly affected vw by the way. they really had big gains because that is their biggest market. some analysts say 60,000 cars were purchased in the
8:54 am
wake of that. ford says 20 to 40. we expect that to keep continuing. i mean a million, quarter of a million cars is a lot but i am looking at the factors that affect car sales in general that will create a perfect convergeance. jenna: let me stop you there on that because i was just seeing one of the write-ups in reuters talking about car sales says the average car right now on the road in america is about 11 years old. that could be an important -- >> not only --. jenna: go ahead. >> that is ancient. 11 years is the average age of u.s. fleet. 11 years old. that is ancient. 20% are 16 years old or older. i was talking to the mazda said it is a rolling scrap yard out there. it is really is. part of harmonic convergence of new car sales. leasing deals are much easier to affect now. if you look at just the
8:55 am
incredible gains in technology, in design, in fuel economy. jenna: sure. >> just across the board, if you haven't been in the market in 10 to 20 years, you will be blown away at buying a car. making that decision a lot easier. jenna: jean, i was looking at the vice president of sales for gm. made the comment with the sales announcement. he said exactly how much growth we can expect next year will depend in part how congress and president figure out the fiscal cliff because customers don't like uncertainty. do you think that could be a factor? >> absolutely. consumer confidence is pretty good right now. we know we're getting closer and closer to the decisions. that is all we're talking about, right? that is all you guys are talking about right now, we know that. jenna: that's true. >> people still have to have cars. they have to have cars. this is also, all of this car sales will, will really be a boon to used car sales
8:56 am
as well which have been quite high, quite high. and as people trade all these cars in to get new cars, that is going to drive the price of used car sales down as well. jenna: that is great insight for us today, jean. thanks so much for the time. we appreciate it very much. >> good to bring good news, just a little good news. jenna: look forward to having you back. jon: true story. jenna: what? jon: 100,000 miles i turned friday night on my vehicle. second engine and second transmission. i will keep it for a while. jenna: how long have you had the car? jon: i bought it 2002. jenna: see, you're in that range, right. jon: i drive them until wheels fall off. pope benedict xvi is now on twitter. according to the vatican the 86-year-old pontiff will tweet next week under the name,@pontifex. jenna: i guess it is appropriate. jon: church officials say his holiness will unlikely come pose many of his posing and personally send the send
8:57 am
button on very first tweet. after that he will probably approve future tweets before they actually go out. jenna: why not? a little divinity on twitter. we could use it. at least one coast guard officer is dead after a dangerous encounter with smugglers. we'll have breaking details out of california straight ahead
8:58 am
8:59 am
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consider a part d prescription drug plan. it may help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. jon: fox news alert from out of this world. right now nasa is revealing the latest discovery on mars. ready in welcome to brand-new hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. uncovering new knowledge about the red planet. today's announcement comes nearly four months after the six-wheeled robot landed in a giant crater. nasa unveiling the latest findings today as a gathering of scientists around the world come together. claudia cowen joins us by phone.
9:01 am
>> reporter: this would be a game change err but most likely not. this may be a little overhyped after one scientist said that the data would be one for the record books. that was tweeted by curiosity itself through a twitter account run by nasa's jet propulsion lab. for the past few weeks nasa has had to real in expectations issuing a press release saying today's news quote will be the update about the first use of the rove verse full array of analytical instruments to inspect a drift of sandy soil. some say they may have uncovered methane, and that aliens may have been decomposing. the rover is working to identify organic compounds to see if mars can support life. they have found no definitive
9:02 am
evidence that the complex bumming blocks of life exists on the red planet. the $2.5 billion curiosity landed in august to explore a crater that has a wet history, it discovered a bed where water may have flowed thousands of years ago. president obama has set a challenge to reach in the next couple of decades. we'll have more for you throughout the day. back to you. jenna: claudia thank you. coming to us from our san francisco bureau as we learn more about what the announcement could include we'll bring you that news. jon: the 2012 election is over. now as president obama fights congress in a showdown over the coming fiscal cliff the president is using his extensive campaign network to push his agenda. let's talk about it with shane deapril the editor of "campaigns
9:03 am
and elections magazine." the campaign arm of obama, all of those people are getting information about the fiscal cliff. >> yeah, one thing that happened after 2008 was that obama for america morphed into organizing in america and into the dnc. it played very little role in pushing the president's first term agenda. a lot of folks on the left and from within the white house thought that was a mistake looking back upon it. what we see right now is an immediate change. after the 2012 election ofa is engaging supporters, continuing to do so and clearly fighting this fiscal cliff battle and the white house wants to use that vast supportive base and its email list to pressure congress. jon: that event that the president had in the east room of the white house last week, where he invited people to stand behind him and they were all
9:04 am
people who they stand to see their taxes go up maybe $2,000 or so if we go over the fiscal cliff, that is the kind of thing we're talking about. he is soliciting, the administration is soliciting email testimonials from ordinary americans. >> there is a feeling that if going back to 2 ao 08 and some of th22008, and the legislative battles. if the president continued his campaign legislate tivoli things would have been different. there are people on the left that think some of the priorities for the president and liberal activists would have come to fruition if they had utilized ofa in this way. they act like it's a campaign in some ways and they engage this vast database of voters, use the email list and ultimately when it comes time pressure congress
9:05 am
with the email list the same way they did right in the run up to the healthcare vote which quite frankly had an effect. jon: clearly members of congress are not too happy with all of this. mitch mcconnell the minority leader of the senate stood in the well of the senate and said, will president you won the campaign, congratulations, but they don't seem to like this ongoing campaign mentality coming out of the obama administration. >> there is no doubt. and i think republican leaders in congress are not going to like that. i think at this point they don't want to see a continuation of the campaign. they would like to see the president in the white house and negotiators sort of sit down and workout some of the road bumps here to avert the fiscal cliff. and they don't see campaign rallies, or campaign maneuvers as the way to do that. that being said i think the white house has set out its course here. i think you'll see something a lot different in the fiscal cliff negotiations from the
9:06 am
white house than you saw in say the government shut down negotiations a year ago. you are going to see a much more campaigning, much more campaign-like president obama in the next month. jon: you know, some sort of even partial -- neutral observers are saying that the obama campaign won in part because they did a much better job of harnessing the power of social media in this election and driving their voters to the polls. if that succeeded for them in the election, can they do it when it comes to governing? can they make the country, you know, embrace tax increases, for instance. >> yeah it's a huge question. i think there are folks who think that it can work the same way. there are a lot of others who really question whether or not those sorts of tactics, and, you know, the list and voter contacts that ofa built in a campaign context, do they work on capitol hill and governing. there are some doubts there but
9:07 am
i don't think there is any doubt that the white house has chosen this course and we are going to see sort of a continuation of this campaign from president obama, and in -- at sometimes it's going to look like we're still running the 2012 campaign. jon: no tweets showing the actual pictures of the sausage being made, clearly going to happen. campaign and elections magazine, thank you. jenna: in california one coast guard officer is dead another injured when smugglers rammed their boat off the california coast. rick leventhal has more from the newsroom. >> we don't often hear members of the coast guard being killed during law enforcement operations. this is a reminder of how dangerous it can be protecting our shores. it happened early sunday off santa cruz where aircraft detected a suspicious boat. the captain deployed a smaller patrol craft and the two vessels
9:08 am
closed in on the suspicious both. >> the captain maneuvered the boat to the vessel and launched its small boat. the cutter and the small boat made an approach on the suspect's vessel, which was operating with no lights or other illumination. as the cutter and the small boat closed in the ponga boat suddenly increased speed and maneuvered directly at the cutter small boat. >> that's when two coast guard members were thrown from the cutter after it was hit. one was treated and released but the other suffered severe head skwreufrs an wa injuries and was killed. the coast guard is working with the government to make sure anyone involved is brought to justice. jon: a desperate search for a missing 11-year-old cancer patient. in arizona police released surveillance video of the child walking out of the hospital with her mother. they are very concerned, jaime
9:09 am
colby is live in the newsroom with the latest on this one. >> reporter: they are very concerned and with about reason. it's already been five days and there is still no sign of the 11-year-old cancer patient known only as emily. arizona authorities have expanded their search now to california enlisting the fbi as well and they've made clear time is not on her side. here is a snippet of surveillance video that we've got even at fox news. emily first seen inside the hospital, this is phoenix children's hospital where she's been treated for leukemia, just a day before her scheduled discharge. first without a wig, then you can see here leaving the hospital in a disguise with a wig making her way out the door into what police say is a black van. an alert nurse quickly contacted 911. >> they were actually by the front entrance and walked into the bathroom, disconnected her from her iv and just walked out the front door and got in the car. >> they are saying that her
9:10 am
mother actually disconnected the iv in the bathroom. doctors are saying without additional treatment there is a catheter in emily's heart that could become infected. she has already had one arm amputate fred amputated from a previous infection. >> we are trying to locate them to get medical attention to this 11-year-old. that is our primary concern at this point. >> reporter: emily and her parents, who go by norm a and louise are from mexico. they maintain no known arizona address. the family reportedly has some ties in california, in the san jose area and authorities there are also investigating, and if you have any information you're asked to call arizona police or 911 and jon, as we get new information about emily and her family we'll bring it to you. jon: obviously there must be concern that they might cross the border and go become to mexico, right. >> reporter: if not already. jon: wow. jaime colby, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jenna: growing concern about iran's nuclear program.
9:11 am
reportedly convincing washington to put more eyes in the sky. we'll explain next. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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jon: there is terrible new violence to tell you about in the civil war in in syria. government jets hitting a town near the turkish border bombing a syrian security building captured by the rebels. reports of at least one person killed, 20 others wounded, this as the united states issues new warnings to syria about its chemical weapons. conor powell live in our middle east bureau in jerusalem right now. connor. >> reporter: jon, in recent days u.s. intelligence officials have issued warnings that it appears the syrian government is preparing its biological and chemical weapons. today secretary of state hillary clinton was in the czech republican today and she said if syria uses biological or chemical weapons that that would
9:15 am
be quote a red line and the united states is prepared to take action if syria uses those weapons. well, and as this is all happening there appears to be some shifting in syria. in the past few days we've seen heavy, heavy fighting around damascus as rebels begin pushing in that area. there is cause to think the syrian government is losing its grip on damascus, that may be part of the reason why they are preparing their chemical weapons. the syrian government of course has said it does not have chemical or biological republicans, and even if it did it would not use them. jon, we are also hearing now that the foreign minister, the spokesman for the foreign minister, rather has defected. it's more evidence, sort of more to the belief that there is some shifting ground among the bashar al-assad regime. whether or not it's close to
9:16 am
collapsing is anyone's guess but there are big changes going on right now among the bashar al-assad regime. jon: and the killing goes on, that is the tragic part in all of this. thanks very much. jenna: a delicate situation unfolding in louisiana after residents in a small down there are forced to evacuate while millions and millions of pounds of explosives are cleared. we're going to have new details on this bizarre investigation coming up next, plus some new developments in the nuclear showdown with iran. the united states increasing its scrutiny of one facility, why concern is growing, according to one report, among our intelligence officials, next. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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jenna: a look at crime stories
9:20 am
we are following for you today, including this one out of detroit. a detroit father is facing sentence tkag for the killin sentencing today for the killing of his two-year-old daughter. prosecutors say he faked a carjacking to cover up the crime telling police his daughter was in the back seat of his car when it was taken by gunpoint last december. the medical technician accused of infecting patients with hepatitis c appearing in court this afternoon. they describe him as a serial infecter saying he used stolen drugs and contaminated syringes. the man says he's innocent. jon: a delicate operation going on right now in louisiana where authorities are working to remove millions of pounds of illegally stored explosives. rick leventhal has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: a criminal investigation is underway because of what authorities found at this former munitions plant in northwest, louisiana. 6million pounds of explosive materials crammed into buildings, stacked outdoors with, quote, careless and
9:21 am
reckless disregard for employees and local residents according to authorities. the explosives were m6 artillery propellant used in cannons. it was stored in boxes and small barrels at the former louisiana army ammunitions plant, which has systems for commercial use. the company had explosives hidden on the property away from storage magazines where it was supposed to be kept, stuck in corners, stacked all over, posing a danger to locals, forcing the evacuation of the town's 800 residents. explosives are being moved into approved containers and people will be allowed home once the materials are divided into amounts small enough to not threaten the town should some of it ignite. jon: one fire there, the barrels were lined up like a fuse almost, you would have a major, major problem if one of those went up. >> reporter: fortunately it's a very large area that it was stored in. again as you said if it was all to be ignited together it would create serious concern. they are separating it now. jon: crazy stuff, rick, thanks.
9:22 am
jenna: news just in on syria. we've been mentioning to you today that there is some concern by our administration here at home about bashar al-assad in syria using chemical weapons as we continue to watch the fighting progressed in syria. now we are getting record from the u.n., they have decided once and for all that it's going to pull out all nonessential alinternational staff from syria because it's just too hard to keep them safe, and so this is a development. we watched this story in syria over the course of nearly two years now. the u.n. saying fineee once and for all, all of its nonee nonessential alstaff out once and for all. >> a kansas city chief kills his girlfriend and takes his own life. how family and friends are react. an update on that tragedy. north korea facing new pressure
9:23 am
to call off a missile test as the missiles get ready in case the missiles actually launch. an american success story. we will talk to the ceo of cinn-a-b u.n. yum. comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas.
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9:26 am
jenna: new detailsee americaning in the murder-suicide involve kansas chief linebacker jovan belcher.
9:27 am
they received a phone call as the tragedy unfolded. >> number one arrowhead drive. [inaudible. >> i believe our suspect is a chief's player so whoever goes over there, go with caution. we have a confirmed shooting i believe it's belcher. >> brad underwood reporting for fox kansas city as live at arrowhead stadium in kansas city, missouri with more. brad. >> reporter: good afternoon, jenna. we continue to learn more about the event that led up to the murder-suicide involving chief's linebacker jovan belcher and his girlfriend, his live in girlfriend. police say the shooting leading up to it there was an argument. friends and family saying that this relationship had a lot of tension, and friends and family
9:28 am
of his girlfriend saying ever since the birth of their child it was an a very unhealthy relationship. they say belcher shot his girlfriend several times. after shooting her he drove to arrowhead stadium where he spoke briefly with the general manager and the head coach romeo krennel before turning the gun on himself. the chiefs decided play the game and won their first home game of the season. before the game players and fans observed a moment of silence for victims of domestic violence. both sides taking a phoept o moment together. the little girl will be taken to long island and raised by his
9:29 am
girlfriend's mother. funeral arrangements have not been released for either one of them. jenna: brad underwood in kansas city. thank you very much for that. as many of you know and have heard in the news today, a well-known tv sports personality talked about this tragedy and how it relates to gun control. we are going to take a look at that with our news watch panel coming up in just a few minutes. jon: russia is now urging north korea to call off its plans to fire a long range missile. it's a move the u.s. state department calls a threat to peace and security in that part of the world. south korea also says it is rerouting passenger flights as a precaution. greg palkot live in london with more on that controversy. >> reporter: north korea confirming over the weekend when we first reported on friday as they are set to launch yet another long-range missile. according to south korean military source the first stage of that intercontinental
9:30 am
ballistic missile is in place to the northwest of yeongpyeong. they'll put the fuel in, they'll be ready for that launch window to open up. according to north korea that is opening up on december 10th and will go until december 22nd. north korea says all this is for peaceful purposes, all they want to do is launch a satellite into the skies. the u.s. and others are worried that this could be a test of a long-range missile with the potential to carry a nuclear payload. they have enough to make six nuclear weapons in north korea. this will also go against a ban that the u.n. has put in place against long-range missile testing. they tried this in april, we were there, they failed, they will try it again. the route is about the same as what they tried in april off the coast of south korea, china, japan, in anticipation of that japan is sending out surface to air missiles to be put in place along the route as well as troops, as well as radar ships, and as you notary action has
9:31 am
been pretty strong and negative. the ambassadors from the u.s. japan, russia and china meeting in seoul today with south korean foreign ministry officials. japan is strongly calling them to refrain. china backtracking a little bit saying they think the concerns are a little bit exaggerated. all of this is really about politics, about the young north korean leader kim jong un trying to bun to burnish his leader. there are elections in japan. the start of the second term for president obama, all this could ithis. what is being planned as early as this weekend live fire exercises by the north koreans
9:32 am
right up against the south korean shores. two years ago they did that and hit an is land and that caused all kinds of problems. jon: all kinds of possibilities. doesn't seem many of them are good. thanks. jenna: let's talk about the economy now. the "wall street journal" reporting today that the jobs market could be in line for some significant improvement in the coming year if we can get a deal on the fiscal cliff, that is the big question. businesses which have held off investing and hiring because of uncertainty over the fiscal outlook might finally open their wallets, that means more jobs too. a little bit more optimism potentially on the horizon. even if a tough jobs market and maybe an unpredictable economy there are some ways to get ahead. these why we what wanted to talk to our next guest who knows thing or two about that. joining us now, kat cole the
9:33 am
president of cinnabon. you have a very unique journey to the position you have today. it all started at hooters, right? >> yeah, i started out like many teenagers, my first job in malls and restaurants, and i got a job at hooters as a hostess and worked my way up and became a waitress at haouters for a fe hooters, when the cooks quit i began to cook. that sent me all over the world opening up new hooters restaurants on continents outside of north america and getting great business experience. jenna: you were traveling to places like australia and central and south america to open up the franchises and you were only 20 years old. >> i was 19 and 20 years old when i was travel all over the world and trying to pursue my dream of being an engineer and an attorney at the same time traveling globally. those two things simultaneously
9:34 am
don't really support each other so i ended up dropping out of college. jenna: a lot of folks are face thag decision righfacing that decision right now, whether or not to get a job and start working or get student loans and put themselves through school. what would your advice be. >> education is a path to personal success. there are many avenues to get there, certificate programs, classes that colleges offer. classes that companies offer to allow people to pursue their education in the short term. as they become more stable in their jobs they might be able to afford investing in higher education. jenna: you tkpw-pbt ge didn't get your college degree, you were able to get your master's degree in business. you said that's been helpful in the position you're in right now. >> absolutely. i did go to college and enjoyed it but had to drop out to travel all over the world and open
9:35 am
restaurants. moved up in my company but realize they'd getting a formal education and cementing what i had learned in the real world on the academic side would really help me be a better leader for global business. jenna: it struck me as i was reading your story, you're a daughter of a single mom, you decided you had to go to work for your family. your path is only something that happens in our country where you see someone come from a certain background and become a president of a major brand. i'm curious about what you think about the american dream today and where we are at with that as a country having been through so much over the last few years. jenna: >> i think the american dream is so alive and well. it takes on different forms today with lower barriers to entry with technology and people being able to start great companies and concepts. companies like mine offer franchise opportunities for people who are retiring and looking for the next phase of their american dream or young people who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.
9:36 am
it's still alive and well, and i hear pretty often that people say your story is unbelievable. and i know hundreds of people like me who started out in restaurants, way stressing, working in kitchens, worked their way up and took advantage of the opportunities that businesses in this great country provide. jenna: two final questions for you. is your company hiring and what about this fiscal cliff? how big of an issue is that for your company. >> our company absolutely is hiring. we do business in almost 50 countries. we are fortunate to provide johns all over the world but definitely in the united states we are hiring corporate positions, hourly positions, our franchise partners are hiring management employees especially through the busiest time of year, the retail season to tkpwroeu thgrow the business. as for the fiscal cliff it's frightening, but i have to have a level of faith and belief that our elected officials, and current and growing administration will figure out a way to make sure that we
9:37 am
continue to prosper as a country and small business owners like my franchisees still have a strong and productive business climate in wish to run their businesses. jenna: i bet our viewers are probably saying, she would be good in government. do you think you'll ever go in that direction. >> you never know. i enjoy being in the private sector, investing in our communities and being a good, positive influence with our politicians. jenna: we'll look forward to the exclusive if you ever make that decision. take an entry level job, you can really grow with that. thank you, it's a great story. jon, i know you're eyeing -- jon: i am so happy that you did this segment. look what they brought. jenna: there are a lot of positives. >> they are delicious. jon: if i'm doing the math correctly 16 years ago or so she was in high school, now shys the president of a billion dollars company. 16 years ago i was a fox news
9:38 am
anchor. go figure. thanks, kat. a union strike in california costing the local economy billions of dollars and affecting consumers from coast to coast. also, bob costas uses a horrifying murder-suicide involving a nfl player to call for stricter gun control. appropriate use of his platform? our news watch panel weighs in. ♪
9:39 am
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9:41 am
jon: if i were one of the millions of people watching sunday night football last night you saw something out of the ordinary. nbc sports caster bob cost stas spouting off about the murder-suicide. >> today it was said so well that we may as well just, quote or paraphrase from the end of
9:42 am
his article. our current gun culture insures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenient store conversations over loud music coming from a car will lead more teenage boys bloody and dead. handguns do not enhance our safety, they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. in the coming today's jovan belcher's actions and their possible connection to peanut butter will be analyzed, who knows. but here wrote jason whitlock is what i believe, if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun he and ka sand today perkins would bothing alive. >> all right, what do you think about that? let's do this fair & balanced. jim pinkerton, is a contributing editor and writer for the american conservative magazine. alan colmes is host of the alan colmes radio show and author of
9:43 am
thank the liberals for saving america, full disclosure. i am a handgun bonee owner and member of the nra. i'll do my best to stay in the middle on this one. alan, what did you think about what costas had to say there. >> you're not packing on the set there. >> no, jenna gets angry with me what i do that. the city of new york wouldn't allow it. >> he was quoting somebody else, obviously, i don't get the sense that he was calling for specific legislation, or saying here is what we should do. he wasn't specifically calling for gun control. he was saying some things that are true, we have a gun culture, and two, we could debate whether or not if jovan had a gun would he and his girlfriend be ali today? i think had he said there is a better chance that he would be -- or better than even chance he'd be alive today if they don't have a gun that might have been a better way to express it. he wasn't calling for specific legislation. i think it's interesting how conservatives have decided to
9:44 am
jump on him immediately after that statement, which he had to address it and say something. jon: what i find interesting, jim is that automatically the gun becomes responsible. it's the de facto cause of death. he played a violent game in a violent world where head injuries are common, where steroids are common but it becomes all about the gun. >> right, i've never met bob cos costas so i can't peak speak to his motives. eupl predict he has lunch with mayor bloomberg and a big talk about gun control. there are 2,000 news stories i saw on google about this. if he were to have any political ambitions in the new york, new jersey, connecticutrea i'm sure this will only help him up there in that liberal blue state area. think of what he didn't say or only eluded to quickly. he was trying to get credit with associating with what the other
9:45 am
guy wrote but not specifically saying it. boston university and the veterans department say that cte is a real thing and a big thing, and yet imagine what would have happened last night if he had said, you know i think maybe football collisions, the very football game this i've got even rich on over the last cover of decades, made millions covering it might actually be the cause of this. or steroids, which is another thing that a lot of pro sports lesion have been winking at and turning a blind eye to for years. if he said either of those things they would be reconsidering his contract at nbc as opposed to lin lionizing him on gun control. >> he was quoting a sports writer who did address the possibility that there were possibly brain issues for having been hit a few times. that did come up in that
9:46 am
column. that wasn't ignored. and he was not calling for specific gun control. i think this is an overreaction. if for example bob costas had said we ought to have the death penalty for people who commit these kind of crimes i wonder if conservatives would still be upset that he was making a political statement. jon: what about personal responsibility. saying if this guy had been able to control his anger he would still be alive today. i mean there are all kinds of what if's, and to come out the day after he kills the mother of his child and kills himself, i mean he could have done it with a butcher knife. >> again i wonder if he had said we need more traditional values in america and make sure that people don't commit these kind of crimes for which they should be severely punished conservatives would have embraced him for talking about traditional values. the same people objecting to what he said and reading too much into it would have a very different attitude if he phrased it on the other side. >> if he says what the liberals
9:47 am
like they would like it if they said what they hate they would hate him for it. why get on a sports cast and issue a political opinion especially when the elephants in the room are brain injuries and steroids. >> i don't think -- brain injuries was mentioned and also again it's probably true that if there were no guns there would be two more alive people in that instance. i don't know what he said that was not true. >> he way under played the brain injury things for obvious reasons. he works with the nfl, he has to. jon: one could argue over the course of this nation's history guns have done a lot more to build and protect and so forth this nation we all live in than the nfl has. >> i don't think that is the issue. jon: why not talk about -- if jim is right, and maybe, you know, collisions, and steroid use and concussions and that kind of thing might have played a role here why not talk about getting rid of the nfl.
9:48 am
>> he did say that might have played a role, number one, and number two we find out that more -- more often than not these kinds of tragedies among people who happen to know each other and not strangers. this kind of gun violence often happens with people who know each other, so, he was not out of line to state something that happens to be true. jon: well, i disagree with your premise, but we are out of time. alan colmes, jim pinkerton, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. jenna: well unions bringing two of the nation's busiest ports to a halt. now there is a new push to break the stalemate. we'll tell you who is getting involved, and also this story, a couple expecting a baby. we heard today that kate middleton is actually in the hospital. we'll talk about this hopefully with a doctor after this break on this breaking news, about how kate is doing and what about the baby? next. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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jenna: you might recall a story from a few weeks back about iran firing at one of our drones. well we might have an indication as to why that happened. according to the "wall street journal" there is a report today that the u.s. is now stepping up its spying operations on one crucial facility in iran, the bushear nuclear reactor. they are concerned about the security of records grade plutonium at the site after iran unexpectantly removed fuel rods from the reactor last october. that was raising concerns over the possibility that something might be going wrong there and of course what exactly iran is doing. the journal reported today that the pentagon's suite of drones is operating over the persian gulf and doing extra missions over the coast. in november an iranian fighter
9:53 am
jet or several jets pursued one of the drones, firing at it but missed it. the u.s. confirms it was our drone but it was not doing any surveillance on bushear. much more tomorrow on that store row tomorrow. jon: two of america's bussist reports are at a grinding halt. something in your home almost certainly came through them. rick leventhal live in the newsroom with the latest on that. >> the strike was sparked by clerical workers who virginia been wrangling for a new contract for two and a half years, they claim they are outsourcing well-paid jobs. dockworkers refuse to cross the picket lines resulting in the shut down of ten terminals at los angeles-long beach. the strike entering its second
9:54 am
week. the mayor says it's costing the local economy billions of dollars and urged them to extend the talks around-the-clock instead of end -lg them evering them every night. he also urged the use of a mediator. no progress there. jenna: will and kate are pregnant. tanya altman is a professor at ucla and a pediatrician and came in to talk to us about this news because we found out about it because kate is in the hospital. the palace says she has an extreme form of morning sickness. how concerned should we all be and what about the baby. >> congratulations this is exciting news. a lot of people get morning sickness, it's a very common symptom in early pregnancy. when the morning sickness is very severe, you can't keep any fluids down, you are vomiting so much then often you need to be hospitalized and treated with iv fluids and sometimes iv nutrition. it's more common in multiples,
9:55 am
not to speculate. jenna: if you have twins, triplets, something like that. >> the hormone beta htg is responsible for the vomiting. if you have twins or triplets, you have more of that in your body. jenna: they say kate is at a very early stage. when does this take place? is it super early in the pregnancy? >> it's very early. symptoms usually resolve about 14 weeks. she is likely earlier than that, her first try mess sister. >> any concern for the baby. >> as long as she is treated. i'm sure she is getting excellent care with iv fluids and nutrition and monitored closely i'm sure the baby is fine. jenna: a lot of women experience this. in your practice have you ever found that cure for morning sickness? does it exist? >> i don't know if there is a magic cure. but definitely rest, fluids, sometimes medication if needed to help with the vomiting, b
9:56 am
vitamins are often helpful and talk to your doctor because they have other treatments available. jenna: she has such a hectic schedule is this a sign that really she is going to have to take a big step back from all of that, or can she just come back and feel great in a couple of months? >> it depends. some people continue their regular schedule during pregnancy and they do fine, some need to rest a little bit. this is a very, important, crucial time, she wants to make sure she is taking care of herself and the baby. jenna: great stipulates for us. congratulations, we won't speculate about twins or triplets but very interesting insight from the doctor today. thank you very much for coming on set with us. we'll be right back with more "happening now."
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it jon: three weeks to day is christmas eve. you still have time to get your christmas lights. jenna: for my miniature tree? jon:


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